TBB Power Lagos Nigeria backup system project

October 20, 2020

Latest company news about TBB Power Lagos Nigeria backup system project
Size of System: 16 kW| 48V 2000Ah
Location: Lagos, Nigeria.
Installation time: Nov, 2019
Type of system: #Powerbackup

This system was installed in a bank in Lagos, where is the most populated city in Nigeria, Grid is extremely unstable and unexpectable. The bank requires long backup time and do not allow any circumstances of power drop, meanwhile SNMP card monitoring should be available, which is very challenge for regular inverter charger or traditional UPS solutions. Traditionally it will require different types of inverter charger or UPS in one system to realize the requirement, which makes the system very complex, not efficient and unstable.
latest company news about TBB Power Lagos Nigeria backup system project  0

After realizing the unique features of Kinergier Pro such as 0ms transfer time, extremely big charger for quick charging and SNMP monitoring, the bank is very happy to adopt kinergier Pro as the ultimate optimized option for backup system in the bank. This system is used to back up the ATM, CCTV, computers and air conditioner for the bank. It has been running more than 6months without any issues.

We are so happy with the #TBB Kinergier Pro, this is the right product for our country and our bank!
--- Technical Director of the Bank Comments